WebTV Simulated Live Features:

Your TV Station in Minutes

With our WebTV Server, you can set a broadcast schedule to play a mix of recorded and live content.

Like a TV station, a Stream in this schedule is a channel, the Playlists are programs with one or more Video segments. A schedule can have as many Streams(channels) as you want, with as many Playlists (programs) as you want, where each Playlist (program) is scheduled to play on a Stream (channel) at a certain time.

Roaps Streaming Servers

Our servers makes media streaming simple and cost-effective for any screen in any industry. We've got you covered.

Streaming for IPTV & OTT

With the Roaps platform, your viewers will enjoy the best possible video experience. Our software makes the delivery of live and on-demand video simple and economical.

Streaming for Computers

Reaching viewers on PCs and Macs has never been easier. Roaps  WebTV makes it affordable, simple and scalable.

Streaming for Mobile

Deploy the Roaps platform for streaming to iPhone®/iPad®, Android™ and other smartphones and tablets with ease. Any-protocol support means no missed mobile opportunities.


  • 400 GB Traffic /Mo.
  • Unlimited Viewers
  • HLS Streaming
  • Play on iOS & Android
  • Facebook & YouTube Live Streaming
  • HTML5 Player
  • Free Mobile App